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An independent digital resource for people who are interested in snorkeling, scuba diving, spearfishing and other water activities.

OutsiderView was launched in 2020 to serve amateur snorkelers and divers all over the world. Our objective is to produce the highest-quality content about water activities that you can find online.

We put a lot of effort into everything we publish, to make sure that what we share with you is true, credible, relevant, and helpful. Unlike many online publications in this industry, we’re independently owned and operated—not beholden to any brands.

Seawater and freshwater

Both seawater and freshwater have a seat at the table with the board of directors (which is really just Nick and Jon, two guys who liked the water enough to make a website about it):

  • Our co-founder Nick is a native of Key West, Florida, and spends a lot of his free time on or in the water.
  • Our other co-founder Jon is a native of Sweden, and lives outside a fishing village by the largest lake in Europe (excluding Russia!).

Not our first rodeo

OutsiderView actually isn’t our first rodeo in the digital media space. While both Nick and Jon have full-time jobs as marketers (Jon is a brand strategist and designer), Nick also runs Herbs at Home, a website about growing herbs at home (duh) and has previously run websites in the pet industry, among other things.

We know how to create great, helpful content and will use that experience (along with our knowledge of water activities) to make OutsiderView the best resource for water activities you can find.

Meet our wonderful writers

Jon Persson

Jon Persson

Jon lives on an idyllic island in the largest lake in Sweden and Europe. He works in the creative industry and runs OutsiderView in his spare time.

Nick Brisson

Nick Brisson

Nick lives in Key West, Florida, where he works in the tourism industry. He is a snorkeling enthusiast and runs OutsiderView in his spare time.

Rebecca Jambrovic

Rebecca Jambrovic

Rebecca lives next to the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, where she guides kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, and snorkeling tours. She is passionate about outdoor activities and enjoys writing pieces that inspire others to get outside.

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